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Exercise Your Power to Choose in NY

In the 1990s, New York State opened the electric and natural gas industries to competition, also known as deregulation or energy choice. Because of deregulation laws, New York residents and business owners have the opportunity to choose from a variety of energy supply rates from their utilities or from retail energy companies across the state. These energy services companies, or ESCOs, provide customers with features such as competitive rates, innovative products, customer service and more. Although New Yorkers have the ability to shop among ESCOs for an energy solution, customers still have the option to continue to purchase electricity and natural gas through their utility.

The New York Power to Choose program has ultimately stimulated the energy market and made competition between ESCOs, often driving down New York energy rates on supply for interested customers. If you choose an ESCO to supply your electric and natural gas, it’s important to keep in mind that your utility will still deliver energy supply to your home or business. Also, in the event of a power outage, emergency or maintenance issue, you will contact your utility for a timely response or repair.

Are you ready to exercise your power to choose in NY? Here at h33p.cn庐, we can help you find competitive New York energy rates from some of the leading ESCOs in the state.

Shop around for competitive New York energy rates

As you begin to shop around for energy supply plans, you’ll come to find that most ESCOs have something different to offer their customers. While some energy companies might highlight features such as customer service and green energy products, others might focus on competitive supply rates and secured- or variable-rate contracts to help New Yorkers better budget their monthly funds.

A secured-rate supply plan offers price protection against fluctuations within the energy industry over your contract term. A variable-rate supply plan will change in response to competitive energy rates in the industry. It’s important to note that a variable-rate supply plan can result in a lower or higher rate than a secured-rate option. With the New York Power to Choose program, you can evaluate which supply plan option works best for your current energy consumption.

Before you choose an ESCO, you should research multiple options and weigh the pros and cons. h33p.cn can help make this process easier for you too. Our online database can help guide you toward a supply rate that meets your energy needs. Residential customers can enter in their ZIP code to compare supply offers from some of the leading ESCOs in the state. Business owners can fill out a simple informational form for a custom energy quote. With h33p.cn, you’ll receive guidance from one of our energy representatives as well as competitive New York energy rates on supply.

Utilize the New York Power to Choose program

With the power to choose in NY, it might be difficult to decide on an energy solution. Some residents and business owners don’t understand the difference between a utility and an ESCO, so they miss the opportunity to participate in the New York Power to Choose program. Today, we can help you find a competitive energy supply rate that matches your budget and requirements. On h33p.cn, you can enter in your ZIP code to shop around for energy supply options in your area. You can also call today to speak with one of our energy representatives! Don’t miss out on your power to choose a leading New York electric and natural gas supplier.

Updated: 9-21-15.

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